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WMware on AWS: vMotion doesn’t work

Short story: The VMs running at On-prem will be using higher cpu feature sets and if its migrated live to VMC with lesser cpu feature sets, the VMs may crash. That is why vMotion...

VMware on AWS: HCX, some useful CLI commands

Short Story: login on HCX manager via ssh and perform some troubleshooting with CLI commands.Could be useful know some easy HCX commands to discover network issues from On-prem networks and VMC on AWS. #...

Citrix ADC (Netscaler) Responder Policy Redirect Problem

I’m used to configure the classic redirection from any HTTP request to HTTPS with a Responder Policy type Redirect with this expression whit this responder policy: This is the official guide I tried to...

WMware on AWS: NSX Networking and Security

Add this new eBook to your summer reading list! “VMware Cloud on AWS: NSX Networking & Security” in the cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Download now:

VMware to acquire Avi Networks

This is a big deal! VMware has added Avi Networks to the family to help enterprises adopt software-defined application delivery across data centers and clouds. Details:

VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC 1.7

VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC 1.7 has been released! Check out the latest updates in connectivity, services, and operations: